Managed Care Backbone

Integration with Provider and medical services systems through Ai and BPM driven data exchange.


Translation of payor and provider business operations and data management across the industry.


Ai driven data ingestion and real-time management of data across the entire ProviderActive landscape.


Interconnecting systems, data and operations integrating ProviderActive with both systems and operations.


Extracting and contextualizing data using information gathered from across each healthcare landscape.

The Space Between

Eliminating the disconnect between managed care and medical services that drive administrative costs, delays treatment, and causes patient confusion and frustration.  ProviderActive steps as an Ai and BPM driven healthcare data backbone, actively driving information and resources in real-time.  Healthcare is complex with data increasing exponentially, ProviderActive distills and delivers information to the right place at the right time while also ensuring privacy and security.

In-Line Architecture

Persistent real-time monitoring in the data flows through ProviderActive shifts the placement of managed care from a passive “after the fact” to an active facilitator in the care of patients.  Converging Ai and BPM architectures with in-line data processing deliver to payors, providers, and members real-time information regarding eligibility and requirements rather than dealing with denied claims and surprised billing.  ProviderActive places more information and knowledge both about the patient's medical history and managed care profile in the exam room, enabling patients and their doctor to make informed choices about care and treatment.

Intersections of Care

Intersections are the points where healthcare services interconnect overlap or have a single point of reference.  The value of healthcare data is in the context that describes and surrounds each data point.  The ability for organizations including payors, providers, CDC, HHS, and numerous others to make informed decisions is through descriptive data points.  ProviderActive’s Ai functionality in the governance of data is real-time identification of data intersections across entire networks.  Ai driven graph relationship-building facilitating in-depth quantitative analysis and real-time pattern identification.  Intersections within ProviderActive unlock healthcare at the same time, ensuring patient’s privacy.


AtomicO8 works across each payor’s enterprise in the translation of their existing business processes into intuitive BPM workflows and real-time Ai powered deep analytics.  The dynamic and unique needs of each aspect of a payor’s business typically encompass multiple plans and plan types, even extending across multiple states.  ProviderActive’s architecture enables integration, customization, and creation of features and functionality to the individual business operations group.  The granular flexibility and customization within ProviderActive ensure that solutions fit the business and not the business having to fit the solution.

Business Process Management

ProviderActive’s BPM engine contains direct translations of payor, provider, and industry operations within intuitive data-driven processes.   ProviderActive’s BPM intuitive workflows, customized in real-time, based on both data and user input.  Intuitive workflows simplify and automate managed care processes by actively guiding users, validating and adding information then routing the request to the correct system, groups, or individuals.

Ai Services

ProviderActive’s Ai performs integration, normalization, analytics, and coordination of both medical and managed care data across each payors data landscape.  ProviderActive eliminates the healthcare data swamp, accomplished through normalization, metadata expansion, and persistent dynamic relationship-building across the entire data ecosystem.  Causality driven data relationships connect data points through the identification of member and provider causal actions and activities.  Ai driven data ingestion is the foundational intersection between payors and providers.


ProviderActive, a SaaS solution, integrates with existing payor and provider systems to broaden their capabilities and improve their ROI without reinvestment in existing technologies.  Integration with existing solutions enables the rapid implementation and adoption of ProviderActive’s across the industry.  AtomicO8’s strategy is the seamless integration of ProviderActive with existing solutions and prevent the creation of ‘another siloed solution’.  ProviderActive is a data backbone for the synchronization and cross-validation of data across all connected systems.


Deep analytics driven by ProviderActive’s Ai delivers real-time data sets customized to the specific needs of each business and system.  ProviderActive’s Ai dynamic graph relationships interconnect data across the ecosystem, providing a new depth of reporting, comparative analytics, and trend analysis.  ProviderActive delivers customized, organization-specific, on-demand reporting without constant data requests or complex searches.